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Be part of the adventure.  Collect your favorite images  while journeying with Bolton on this colorful holiday expedition of captured moments, landmarks and nostalgic impressions.

Look with your artist eye to capture the most memorable scene that's right for you!

Let the journey begin!

Bolton Smith Art Gallery

McPherson, KS
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R. Bolton Smith Bio

R. Bolton Smith is an American impressionist painter who was born in the Midwest US in 1944.  As a young man, Smith spent winters in Florida which seemed like another world to him and triggered an enthusiasm for varied subjects and exciting coloring that is reflected in his work today.

Smith taught on the college level for several years, after which painting became his full-time occupation.  Bolton and his wife Joyce for the past 35 years, have traveled the United States and abroad, capturing some of the world's most stunning landscapes.

Five of Smith's paintings were chosen to tour France for a 1976 bicentennial show by the French Ministry of Culture.  The paintings toured France for a year.  Robert Virnat, a French art critic, stated, "Smith will place himself with the descendants of impressionist.  His paintings of spontaneous landscapes are of extraordinary pale luminosity and yet vitrant in my judgment, this is an artist of great quality."  Smith oils have been extensively exhibited in many galleries across the US and France and may be viewed in many corporate collections and projects nationwide, such as Binney & Smith Corporation, makers of Crayola and Liquitex�, International Homes Corporation, Hilton Hotels Corporation, Holiday Inn Systems and the C. G. Rein Galleries.

Smith is best known for his landscapes of the American Southwest, Central Plains, Southeast, and of Europe.  His soft-focused gentle brush work technique lends itself to a more classic subject.  It is with seeming ease that Smith diffuses a distant variety of colored shadows interspersed with glowing light, to gently persuade his focal point to become more real.

Now an impressionist painter of International and National landmarks and landscapes, Smith owns the Art Gallery on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  While the growing popularity of his works and the couple's personal management of the gallery limit travel to a few months a year, Smith adds, "travel is a great form of my education and the world's beauty is my greatest inspiration."

Oh, the excitement of a quick trip.  Snapshots or travel partners are the hot items to jog your psyche.  Think of the time spent exploring the island with side trips to Daufuskie, Savannah and Charleston.

The Bolton Smith Art Gallery has down-right, red hot, ultra cool posters for you travelers, signed by your tour artist R. Bolton Smith!

Put on the Bikini's put on the shorts maybe a top or not.  We're off to the Islands, native superstition, romantic harbours, palms blowing in the breeze, the sound of beating drums... steel or not.  Maybe a tropical drink to view this collection of far away places.  Some with strange sounding names.
Low Country
Take off that coat... it's going to be hot.  Buckets of Humidity make for lush vegetation Brilliant Blooms... a low down slow down pace.  Time to spend seeing the many scenes and feeling the mystique of the Low Country.

From shrimp boats to lagoons to architecture the south has it's own feel.  Here's a sampling of a few captured moments by Bolton.

Coast to Coast
Coast to Coast with Bolton Smith Art Gallery.  Pack the wagon, sedan or sports car we're off to see the USA from east to west starting in the Southeast we will work our way across the miles and pick up Route 66 looking for nostalgic... romantic, and Hot Dog good subject matter.

You can travel along with the Bolton Smith Art Gallery and find new scenes from time to time in this website section.

Past Glimpses
Traveling along life's journey one can recall various (now fragmented) subjects that are held in a memory bank to be viewed when time permits.
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